Urban Law Day - London 2019
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Urban Law Day - London 2019

The Institute of Advanced Legal Studies and UN-Habitat have signed a memorandum of understanding to promote innovative research activities in the niche area of urban law.

The main pillars of this research partnership include:

a) the organisation of an Urban Law Day every year;
b) the generation of knowledge in urban law through PhD studentships;
c) the provision of technical assistance and capacity building through studies, seminars, workshops; and
d) joint publications and networking.

The Urban Law Day is a specialised forum aiming to bring together a multidisciplinary circle of academics and practitioners interested in urban legislation, including planners, architects, policy makers, economists, urbanists, and lawyers. The purpose of the Urban Law Day is to facilitate discussion, the exchange of views, networking, and the presentation of new research fi­ndings or emerging issues. The sixth Urban Law Day was held on 12 July 2019 at the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (University of London), addressing emerging challenges related to smart cities and practical solutions for overcoming them.

The topics covered include:

a) The New Urban Agenda and Smart Cities;
b) Empowering Citizens and the Techno-Politics of ‘Smart Cities’;
c) Block Chain as a Land Administration Solution; and
d) Smart cities and the End of Privacy.