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Urban Law Day 2020 Report

This report highlights key take-aways from the Urban Law Day 2020 which was virtually held on 10 July 2020 and was hosted by the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (University of London). The Urban Law Day is a specialised forum that brings together a multidisciplinary circle of academics and practitioners interested in urban legislation, including planners, architects, policy makers, economists, urbanists, and lawyers. It aims to facilitate discussion, the exchange of views, networking, and the presentation of new research findings and emerging issues.

The 2020 edition focused on lessons for cities after COVID-19 with the theme of “The post-COVID City: lessons for the future in law and development". Six main ones were noted, including:

  • Coherence among related legal and policy frameworks is paramount to make laws a powerful tool
  • Emergency responses need to be grounded in the Rule of Law
  • Urban governance may be transformed as sub-national governments and local authorities fill gaps left by national governments
  • Role of civil societies and community groups must be strengthened
  • There is need for a holistic look at rights
  • Political will is essential not only for effective crisis management but also for the implementation of the sustainable development agenda in general