Urban Labs Sessions are open to all urban stakeholders attending the Urban Thinkers Campus. The purpose of an Urban Lab Session is to share urban solutions that will spread information about current outstanding practices addressing urban challenges. The Sessions should inform participants, stimulate debates, and catalyze solutions towards The City We Need.

Urban Lab Sessions will be one-hour and 30 min slots. Partners can request no more than one slot. Applications should demonstrate their focus on the above criteria, with an aim to contributing to The City We Need process.

The final deadline for Urban Lab Session applications is extended to 30 September 2014.

Focus of Urban Lab sessions

Urban Lab Sessions should focus on:

  1. Proposing innovative solutions towards inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable cities though lively presentations of outstanding practices that can illustrate The City We Need;
  2. Provoking a discussion and debate to comment on the value of the experience towards The City We Need;
  3. Extracting the key ideas and driving principles of the experience in order to illustrate The City We Need.