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Urban Development Initiative (UrDI) For the Canaan Area of Port-Au-Prince, Neighbourhood Plan: St. Christophe, 2016

St Christophe is a neighbourhood located on the Western side and consists of the three villages; Village Des Pecheurs, Village de la Grâce de Dieu and Village a Decouverte. For the purpose of these studies, and since the neighbourhoods’ assemblies were not separately done, the three villages will be considered under one neighbourhood with the name of St.Christophe.

The following land use proposals in this section are based on a participatory process within three months’ time-frame. The UN-Habitat team maps the existing situation and the community validates and proposes ideas. The urban Lab rechecks the suggested interventions and modifies if necessary. After that, a neighbourhood assembly is organized to showcase the overall vision and a land use is later developed.