urban_hack5What’s the big deal about urbanization?

Everyone knows why we should care about climate change.  But do you know why you should care about urbanization?  By 2050 it is estimated that two thirds of the world will live in cities and already urban areas are responsible for as much as 80% of energy consumption and 70% of greenhouse gas emissions.  If we want to tackle climate change we NEED better cities.

The objective - How can urban art help?

Cities are made up of bricks, rules and above all, people. People make up the fabric of urban society and are at the centre of their innovation, productivity and vibrancy.  It’s all well and good to have a state of the art public transport system or a world class museum but it is the ways people use their city that makes these places come alive.

UN-Habitat spends a lot of time talking with governments about how best to provide services but some of the most exciting places and events around the world were created or run by city residents themselves.

So now we want to ask YOU what makes your city tick.  We are asking for examples of how the citizens in your city, town or village are changing the urban landscape. Send us pictures that show how street art has improved a run- down area.  Show us how that grungy disused port has been turned into a skateboard rink.  Make your local street performer famous.  Or get out and do something yourself (make sure you get permission first!)

Who is it for?

Everyone!  The people who see it in the street and those that see it on social media and dream of visiting. Leaders and change makers can learn something from their citizens.

What should it look like?

Your urban hack could show how the city is better because of a citizen-driven project or it could be a piece of street art that strikes a note with the people who see it.

The message

Rejuvenating your city through art

 Timeline and submission

From now until World Cities Day (31st October) we will be showcasing all the ideas from around the world on our social media channels.  Send them to us on Twitter @unhabitat and Facebook and tag #UrbanHack.  If you have videos, that’s great too.

What’s in it for me?

We’ll be bringing some of the ideas to Quito for the Habitat III conference and on World Cities Day we’ll celebrate the most exciting, expressive or successful examples on the UN’s communication platforms.  Your urban art could appear on our promotional material and be seen on our website by partners all around the world.