This World Habitat Day, join Habitat for Humanity's global advocacy campaign, Solid Ground in advocating for land policies that decrease fear of forced eviction, promote gender inclusivity, improve living conditions of slums and promote disaster resilience.

Twenty percent of people worldwide — 1.6 billion individuals — do not have access to decent housing, and something needs to change. Access to land lies at the heart of inadequate housing, and lacking that access prevents too many people from the most basic physical, economic and psychological security that adequate shelter provides.

In fact, 3 of every 4 people around the globe lack recognition of rights for the land on which they live. Women and vulnerable groups living in informal settlements are more susceptible to discriminatory land policies and forced eviction. Disasters pose a greater threat to people who lack formal land rights, making it harder to rebuild after a disaster.

Donate your signature to join Habitat for Humanity’s global advocacy campaign, Solid Ground, and urge policymakers at all levels to support sustainable and equitable land rights for all.