Kadir Topbaş described 2016 as a decisive moment as it brought together the largest representation of Mayors and Governors ever seen. He recognized that the World Assembly of Local and Regional Governments was able to create the necessary momentum to make local voices heard and to consolidate the local government constituency as constructive, prepared to take global responsibilities and contribute with solutions, ideas and inspiration.
Mayor Topbaş recalled the incredible dedicated time and consensus-making efforts undertaken by local governments during the negotiations of the Agenda 2030, where local governments had
an unprecedented presence and visibility. Obtaining the “Urban SDG” on sustainable cities (SDG11) was the result of local and regional government advocacy and common efforts. It reaffirmed
the recognition that development needs to be local, as local governments are able to provide the necessary link between global agendas and citizens, and that local government can bring real and concrete solutions to global problems and threads.