Nairobi, 21 Aug 13 - UN-Habitat Mr. Oyeyinka Oyebanji with Kogi State Deputy Governor Mr. Yomi Awoniyi during the signed a Memorandum of Understanding in Nairobi, Kenya 2013 © Julius Mwelu/UN-Habitat


UN-Habitat and Kogi State of Nigeria on Wednesday signed a Memorandum of Understanding.

The agreement signed in Nairobi by Prof. Oyeyinka Oyebanji on behalf of UN-Habitat Deputy Executive Director Dr. Aisa Kcyira and Kogi State Deputy Governor Mr. Yomi Awoniyi will see a development of a city structure plane for selected cities and towns in Kogi state to better integrate physical, spatial and social aspects of the state. It will also seek to improve the quality of water and sanitation in major cities of the state as well as developing waste management for the state. The agreement is aimed at improving the understanding of urban law and norms and their relationship to institutional structures leading to empowered local authorities able to efficiently guide and manage urban development. Further, the MoU will aim at developing safe cities to address social inclusion, improved integration, mobility and connectivity and better service delivery. Finally, the agreement will seek to develop an urban observatory programme to address the state-wide base of urban knowledge to support the government, local authorities, Non=governmental organisations and civil society in applying policy-oriented urban indicators, staitistics and other urban information.