Mexico City, December 4, 2015 -- "We will strengthen the strategies of care for women and children victims of violence."

The phrase was said by the representative of UN-Habitat in this country, Erik Vittrup, during the signing of the agreement between the National Commission to Prevent and Eradicate Violence against Women (CONAVIM) and UN-Habitat, the last week, in the Juárez room of the Secretary of Governance, in Mexico City.

"It is essential to prevent and eradicate violence against women and girls, especially through the Justice Centers" he said. The Justice Centers (there are 10,222 in the country) are locals who welcome women victims of violence. They may be refugees, victims of trafficking or sexual exploitation.

All are attended and, together with them, seek to develop proposals and ideas for improving public spaces in cities. The figures on violence against women are a cause for concern. Some 35% of the world's women have suffered violence from a partner or third party at some point in their lives. In Mexico, two out of three women over 15 have experienced violence, but only two out of ten reported the incident to the responsible authorities.

"The collaboration we are consolidating contributes to the creation or improvement of safe public spaces for women and girls. Priority should be given to strengthening the services and equipment that provide care for women victims of violence, " said Vittrup.