UN-Habitat Reformed and Repositioned
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UN-Habitat Reformed and Repositioned

In terms of prominence, UN-Habitat is much better positioned within the UN System with the Executive Director returning to the humanitarian cluster as a member of the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC). UN-Habitat is also contributing as co-Chair of the Local 2030 Task Force and is a member of the Task Force for the Future of Cities. We have been able to convene two highly visible World Urban Forums in Kuala Lumpur and Abu Dhabi respectively.

Our reputation as a transparent and trustworthy entity is also improving. Out of the 787 unclosed grants, we have now closed 750 — or 95 per cent of all grants. Donors continue to support our earmarked work with a steady  increase to a total portfolio of USD 1 billion (cumulatively from 2018-2021). We have also introduced innovative ways to diversify our funding sources including soft-earmarking from Sweden and Switzerland and most recently a third-party endowment — the Sustainable Human Settlements Foundation (SHSF).