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UN-Habitat Country Programme Document 2016 - 2021 - Uganda

The UN-Habitat Country Programme Document for Uganda outlines the main objectives and priorities for UN-Habitat in Uganda. In collaboration with the government and other United Nations agencies, the overall aim of this HCPD is to promote the New Habitat Agenda: ensuring the sustainability of urban growth as a driving force as well as a source of equitable development with the power to change and improve lives. UN-Habitat plays an active role in urban development and urban policy. Through partnerships with the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development (MLHUD), UN-Habitat has assisted in identifying key urban issues and areas needing support to improve urban development in Uganda.

The HCPD has addressed these areas of intervention to guide the government of Uganda in meeting its sustainable urban development challenges. The multilateral programming instruments presented in the HCPD that help to guide national priorities and UN system priorities are the National Development Plan II (NDP-II), Vision 2040, and the UN Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF). The focus areas of UN-Habitat and the government of Uganda, highlighted in the HCPD, are governance and accountability, social development, physical planning, human capital development, environment and natural resource management, service delivery/productivity and livelihoods, and security and conflict.