New Delhi 3 December 2014 - During the 7th Urban Mobility India Conference and Expo ( 24-28 November 2014) organised by the Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India, UN-Habitat and Clean Air Asia launched a publication : “ A Policy Makers Toolbox to promote Non-motorised Transport in Asian Cities”.Speaking at the event, Andre Dzikus, Coordinator, Urban Basic Services Branch UN-Habitat said that while planned urbanisation can bring immense benefits to Asian economies. It is necessary to deal with the challenges imposed by rapid motorisation, including congestion, pollution and increasing numbers of fatalities and injuries from road traffic accidents. “Safe and attractive facilities for non-motorised transport and integration of NMT with better public transport are good for the economy and good for people and relatively small investments can have a huge impact. The “Policymakers Tool Box” developed through extensive consultations with experts and also tested in the field, provides a practical guide on how to go about promoting walking and cycling and make the city more accessible to all” said Mr Dzikus.Opening the conference, Mr M Venkaiah Naidu, Minister for Urban Development said that the trend of growth in private vehicles amounts to the affluent appropriating limited urban space at the cost of the poor and stressed the need to address social exclusion with better urban planning and safer conditions for pedestrians and cyclists.

 Speaking at the event, Ms Naini Jayseelen,   Member Secretary, National Capital Region Planning Board, said that "The report is timely and will help policy makers to plan and take the right steps to improve the NMT in our cities.”Also Present during the event was Dr. O.P Agarwal Director General, Institute of Urban Transport, New Delhi, India.


Saying that the publication will fulfill an important need and support the efforts of Government to promote better facilities for NMT in cities, Dr. Aggarwal welcomed UN-Habitat's collaboration on sustainable urban mobility issues in India. "

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