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Trinidad and Tobago: National Urban Profile

The Participatory Slum Upgrading Programme (PSUP) is an accelerated and action-oriented urban assessment of needs and capacity-building gaps at the city level.

The programme is supported by funds from the European Commission’s European Development Fund and it is currently being implemented in over 30 African, Caribbean and Pacific countries. PSUP uses a structured approach where priority interventions are agreed upon through consultative processes.

The PSUP methodology consists of three phases:

(1) a rapid participatory urban profiling at national and local levels, focusing on Governance, Local Economic Development, Land, Gender, Environment, Slums and Shelter, Basic Urban Services, and Waste Management, and proposed interventions

(2) detailed priority proposals

(3) project implementation

PSUP in Trinidad encompasses a national profile, as well as profiles for San Fernando, Scarborough and Port of Spain. This is the Trinidad and Tobago national report and it constitutes a general background, a synthesis of the six themes (Governance; Slums, Shelter, Land and Tenure; Basic Urban Services; Inclusive and Safer Cities; Local Economic Development; and Disaster Management, Climate Change and Environment), and priority project proposals.