Village Planning in English 20
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Transformational Development and Coordinated Planning; Practices of Guangzhou in Village Planning

Three series of village planning were undertaken by Guangzhou from 1990, trying to promote the rural development through village planning with innovate planning methodologies.

In the third planning since 2012, in particular, a concept of “synergetic planning” has been developed, which put priorities on the villagers’ interest and focused on the resolution of existing major problems as well as planning for future development, so as to build a model of constructing beautiful countryside with Lingnan styles and the village planning of Guangzhou in recent years is a typical initiative of improving human settlements environment, which could, based on systematic summarization, offer lessons and experience to the developing countries for their village planning.

This book consists 14 articles on the practices of village planning by Guangzhou in recent years. It is divided into two sections: Section One focusing on the methodologies of village planning, and Section Two concentrating on the case studies that address essential challenges and present key solutions. Also available in Chinese.