Event date

Together with the Smart City Expo World Congress the Thematic Meeting for Habitat III will be held in Barcelona, Spain, in November 2015, with a theme of smart cities with solutions tackling poverty and looking forward to productive, self-sufficient and resilient cities. Barcelona has become a benchmark city in exploring innovative approaches to city challenges.

The city is committed in finding common solutions for the future of the cities, addressing the great impact of technologies in a sustainable urban development. Building on knowledge, experience and policies that Barcelona has developed, key concepts in development of the New Urban Agenda such as self-sufficiency and resilience in productive, and socially cohesive, neighborhoods will be discussed as part of the thematic contribution to the Habitat III process.

City of Barcelona is willing to promote the thematic meeting with a vision of productive, self-sufficient and smart cities. The Smart Cities thematic meeting aims to discuss the diversity of approaches to Productiveness, Self-Sufficiency, and Smart Cities in order to achieve a best practices guideline, aligned with the work that the City Protocol Initiative has been already developing. It also seeks to standardize the city procedures and responses to the 21st century urban challenges, taking into account the social perspective and needs of all urban citizens.

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