The State of China's Cities 2016/2017

The State of China's Cities 2016/2017 (referred to as "the Report") expatiates the updates on urban development in China in recent several years. The compilation of the Report coincides with the pending adoption of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the enacting of the New Urban Agenda. Therefore, the Report lays special stress on how China's cities integrate into the mainstream of world development, and by defining the theme of this year as Global Perspective and China Practice:  Planning for Future of Cities, will focus more on how China aligns itself with the international standards and adopt the practice based on its own specific conditions, among other things.

The six chapters of the Report follow the order of Urbanization, Rural and Urban Governance and Social Integration, Public Services in Urban and Rural Areas, Urban Infrastructure, Urban and Rural Green Development, and Future-Oriented Improvement of Urban Space Quality. A thorough reading of this Report will present to the readers the panoramas of China's urban  development  from  such  aspects  as policy guidance, implementation of projects, status quo and improvement measures, integration with the international standards and local practices, and it is believed that the readers will surely gain a deeper understanding of the development modes, planning concepts, measures of development and tremendous changes of practical effects of the cities in China in recent several years.