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Over 70% of the world’s population resides in small- to medium-sized cities and rural areas contributing human capital to the growth of large- and mega-cities, as well as supplying food, water and other critical resources. The vitality of large urban populations is inextricably dependent upon the health and natural resources of these smaller communities.

This campus will address the following City We Need principles:

  • The CWN has a unique identity and sense of place
  • The CWN is well planned, financed and governed

The work of local government will be essential to realizing sustainable urban development goals worldwide. Smaller cities are uniquely positioned to move quickly to implement innovative policies supporting urban–rural interconnectedness: regional food systems, natural resource management, climate change mitigation. Sound planning and purposeful economic restructuring are critical, as is the need to cultivate and retain the sustainability characteristics vital to small- and mid-sized cities.

List of Speakers and Moderators

  • Cecil Steward - Joslyn Institute for Sustainable Communities
  • Nicholas You - Guangzhou Institute
  • Camilo Restrepo Ochoa - Centro de Estudios Urbanos y Ambientales Urbam, Universidad EAFIT
  • Jim Powell - University of Alaska Southeast
  • James Leighter - Creighton University
  • Robert Blair - University of Nebraska Omaha
  • Sharon Kuska - University of Nebraska Lincoln

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The Role and Opportunities in Urban Sustainability for Small & Mid-Size Cities