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The Initial Planning Framework for the Reconstruction of Mosul

This report provides an analysis of the current reconstruction and recovery activities in Mosul and highlights emerging needs for the urban recovery and medium term development of the city. It proposes an action framework to address immediate, short - and medium term reconstruction needs.

The Initial Planning Framework document bases its recommendations on consultation with Mosul’s technical directorates, local leaders, civil society organizations, drone imagery analysis of damage to structures, satellite analysis of urban developments, field visits, and desk research. The document addresses the Old City separately from greater Mosul, as many reconstruction and recovery challenges are specific to the Old City.

The framework builds upon earlier studies on Mosul, including: Reconstruction of the Old City of Mosul Preliminary Study (October 2017) and the Reconstruction of Mosul Action Plan (2018), both by the Engineering Consulting Bureau of Mosul University, as well as other activities conducted by UN-Habitat, most notably, the City Profile of Mosul (October 2016), Planning Prospects for the Reconstruction and Recovery of Mosul (September 2017), and the Mosul Portal - Data and Assessments Platform for Humanitarian and Development Actors (2017).