The Global Public Space Programme: Annual Report 2019 - Cover
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The Global Public Space Programme: Annual Report 2019

In 2012, UN-Habitat launched its Global Public Space Programme, now active in more than 75 cities across the world, with the objective to promote public spaces as a keystone for sustainable cities in order to ensure good quality of life for all. 

The Global Public Space Programme is a consolidated and integrated approach to public space improvement across UN-Habitat. Over the last seven years, we have developed an iterative approach to public space that includes a variety of normative and operational tools, methodologies and practices that support local and national governments and other partners to make public spaces more safe, inclusive, accessible and green. This includes public space assessments, policy guides, strategies and design principles, capacity building, participatory tools, technology and innovation projects and carrying out advocacy work and actual implementation.

Together with local government and civil society partners, the programme has implemented more than 105 concrete public space upgrading projects selected through annual expressions of interests. Our work has been proven to be effective in achieving social, economic and environmental benefits. The good policy and practices that we have on a global level is shared through a network of more than hundred partner organizations.