Event date

Between 18 and 20 April, - The city of Toluca will host representatives from Latin American and Caribbean countries for the regional preparatory meeting towards Habitat III, the third United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban development, which will be in Quito, Ecuador, in October this year.

During the three days of activities, participants can choose among 12 Dialogues, adressing topics such as: Agglomeration as an opportunity for transformation of economies, special economic zones and mega projects for regional development, fragmented conurbations, the expansion of cities, the reinvention of the city, safe cities for women, among others.

There will be also Roundtables for legislators (the legal framework for land management), civil society (the effective exercise and citizen construction of the Right to the City), academy (higher education to face the challenges of sustainable development in Latin America and the Caribbean), mayors (financing urban development), governors (governance schemes multi-level for regional and metropolitan development). The last day will be a Round Table for Heads of Delegation and / or Ministers.

"In this process of preparation we exchange views, experiences and shape a common vision on the future of cities and human settlements and tools needed to build them," said the resident representative of UN-Habitat in Mexico, Erik Vittrup.

80% of the population of the region lives in urban areas, they face major challenges to consolidate as engines of development as areas of opportunity that offer favorable conditions for the exercise of rights of all its people conditions.