Urban Planning and Design Brochure

The Urban Planning and Design Lab (UPD-LAB) is an initiative from UN-Habitat to promptly respond to the requests of national and local governments to support sustainable urban development.

The LAB acts as the integrative facility of  the Agency in which spatial planning is used as the tool coordinating economic, legal, social and environmental aspects of urban development, translating them into concrete and implementable projects that materialize the normative work of UN-Habitat. These urban strategies generate value, economic development and jobs.


Addressing rapid urbanization challenges in the greater Accra Region: An action oriented approach

Currently 51.9% of Ghana’s population lives in urban areas, and it is estimated that it will reach 72.3% by 2050, calling for fast and sustainable strategies for facilitating the main problems deriving from rapid urbanization. The challenges in the Greater Accra Region deserve special attention taking into account the rapid expansion of the urban area since the 1990 with a serious backlog of services and infrastructure. To prevent further uncontrolled urban growth and to harness the agglomeration advantages of urbanization a clear strategy is needed.