This publication was prepared as a joint submission to the UNFCCC Talanoa Dialogue process by UN-Habitat, ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, and GIZ, in April 2018.

The technical contribution responds to all three questions posed by the UNFCCC as it encourages nation states to “ratchet-up” ambition in their National climate commitments in 2018: “Where are we?” “Where do we want to go?” and “How do we get there?”

The accessible, short paper presents evidence to demonstrate that each tier of government (national, regional, local) has a unique and potentially complementary role to play in delivering low emission and climate resilient development. This means that effectively co-ordinated multilevel action can help nations implement their Nationally Determined Contributions. Without this, achieving success will be much harder.

It provides key arguments to national government for integrating sub-national government in climate change policy, action and financing, and gives examples of where this has been achieved.

The publication also includes a number of helpful resources for all tiers of government as they seek to raise their climate ambition and accelerate implementation.