Sustainable Urbanization & Sustainable Development Goals
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Sustainable Urbanization & Sustainable Development Goals

Developed by leaders from 193 countries around the world that were concerned about the future, the SDGs are crucial for the development of a sustainable, brighter future. The United Nations Human Settlement Program (UN-Habitat) is one of the leading organisations working to achieve the SDG targets by 2030. UN-Habitat plays a particularly crucial role in ensuring that Goal 11, one of the 17 SDGs, is addressed globally through all the Goals. Goal 11 is related to all of dimensions outlined by the SDGs, with a specific focus on urban areas and settings. The embedding of a stand-alone goal on cities and human settlements (Goal 11) in the SDGs is a recognition of the complimentary and re-enforcing nexus that exists between Goal 11 and the other SDGs. This publication briefly outlines the Sustainable Development Goals with a particular focus on their relation to SDG 11