State of Addis Vol. II: Towards a Healthier City
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UN-Habitat Ethiopia

State of Addis Vol. II: Towards a Healthier City

The 'State of Addis Vol. II: Toward a healthier city' was written by an international multidisciplinary team, as the pandemic was unfolding. The report assesses the relationship between urban form and function and the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, in Addis Ababa. It explores what is meant by a healthy city, and why planning for and investing in a healthy city, matters to Addis Ababa. It goes on to investigate the state of health, urban infrastructure and social services in the city. The socio-economic and health impacts of the pandemic are also explored further, together with the institutional response to the public health emergency. The findings provide insights on the role of urban form and infrastructure to urban health and urban resilience. Finally, the authors highlight a post-pandemic agenda for a healthier, more resilient city.