Name of organization: Forum for Community Change and Development ( FOFCOD )

City:  Juba

Project title: Youth and skill Development Project

Project details

The project aimed to alleviate poverty among the youth by imparting the Urban Youth with skills that can practically transform their livelihoods.

This was covered in the monthly trainings hosted by the organization. The trainings sensitized on life skills, Entrepreneurship skill and Development skills as a model to be incorporated in the discussions.


Number of beneficiaries:

The project training hosted 10 participants each month for six months.

Number of social enterprises seeded: 

At the end of the training session, Youth were able to understand the concept of entrepreneurship and recognize their entrepreneurship qualities.

For example, think of an idea and start your own business most especially in candle production and liquid soap making.

  • 90% of the participated Youth are aware, regulations and practices governing the start-up and management of small business.
  • 80% of the participated youth are aware of the need to keep meticulous financial records, especially keeping personal and business records separate.
  • 85% of the participated youth understand the importance of management, its elements and qualities of a good entrepreneur.
  • 30 women and 10 youth have been able to establish small business and gain employment