South Africa

UN-Habitat Projects in South Africa

Promoting Urban Low Emission Development Strategies (Urban LEDS)

The Project was initiated to support innovative strategies in addressing the urban dimension of climate change in cities in emerging economies. The objective of the Project was to enhance the transition to low emission urban development. In South Africa it supported two Model Cities – Steve Tshwete Municipality and Kwa Dukuza Municipality – that received intensive assistance, as well as five Satellite Cities.  The South Africa project established a successful multifaceted approach that focused on local government institutional capacity building and its ability to prepare and implement evidence-based policies and projects. Training and capacity building helped the cities buy-in to LED principals and understanding. GHG inventories were completed in three municipalities – KwaDukuza, Steve Tshwete and Nelson Mandela Bay. Watch the activities and outcomes of the project here.

Duration of project:  1 March 2012 – 31 March 2016

Value: € 6.700.000 (Multi-country)

Donor: European Commission

Implementing Partners: National government, respective local governments, ICLEI

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