Upgrading of Sinay Market, Mogadishu

Sinay Market is located in a low-income income neighbourhood that lacks basic services. UN-Habitat is working with the Benadir Regional Administration to renovate the market and increase trade, improve livelihoods, contribute to local development and strengthen peace in the area. Phase 1, which is complete and occupied involved building a market hall with 58 stalls. Phase 2, which is ongoing, involves upgrading the public space that adjoins the market with the construction of a playground, cafe and toilet block.

Project Duration: 2014 - ongoing
Donors: Sida
Value USD: 125,000
Implementing partners: UN-Habitat Somalia Programme, Benadir Regional Authority

City Wide Plan for Gabiley

The city of Gabiley, 53K inhabitants, doubles in the next 15-20 year and needs expansion plans. Its strategic location close to the Ethiopian border is an opportunity.

Project Duration: 2015-2016
Donors: In-house agreement
Value USD: In-house agreement
Implementing partners: Local government of the respective cities

Planned City Extension for Bosasso

Bosasso is the port city of Somalia and part of a network of ports along the Indian Ocean. A new ring-road has recently been constructed with UN-Habitat support. UN-habitat is also helping to plan a city extension that includes IDP's at the plan boundaries.

Project Duration: 2015-2016
Donors: In-house agreement
Value USD: In-house agreement

City Wide Strategy and Priority projects for the country

Mogadishu is growing fast and international investment is flourishing despite the war. Outside the city boundaries, there are numerous IDP's. Implementaion of the city plan is not limited to the current municipal boundary but incorporates the rapid growth in the outskirts through new infrastructure investments. The plan should give clear investment opportunities to the international community.

Project Duration: 2015-2016
Donors: In-house agreement

Local Government Finance System and Property Taxation in Fragile Cities in Somalia

In Somalia, UN-Habitat has been a partner agency implementing the UN Joint Programme on Local Governance and Decentralized Service Delivery since 2008. UN-Habitat has provided technical assistance to local authorities in establishing and improving local governments finance systems. Key focus areas are setting up automated accounting and billing systems for local government financial management and revenue generation enhancement through property taxation. Automated billing systems have been introduced to local authorities in Hargeisa, Gabiley, Borama, Berbera, Sheikh, Buroa Zeila and Odwiene in Somaliland and Garowe, Qardho, Bosaso, Eyl, Jariban, Bander Beyla and Galka’ayo in Puntland.

As a result, revenue collection from property tax in Hargeisa has increased from USD260,000 in 2008 to USD760,000 in 2014. In Buroa, property tax collection increased from just USD58,000 in 2008 to USD600, 000 in 2014. This has not only created revenue but also improved local governments accountability and transparency. The process for establishing property taxation system in Mogadishu and basic public financial management system for local governments is underway in new emerging states of Somalia, including Juba Administration, South Waste Administration, Galmudug Administration and Hiran-Shabela regions.

Project Duration: JPLG 1st Phase 2008-2012, 2nd Phase 2013-2017
Donors: Multi Partners Trust Fund (DFID, SIDA, DANIDA, SDC, Norway, EC)
Value USD: Average annual budget of USD400,000 for Municipal Finance component under JPLG.
Implementing partners: Ministry of Finance in Somaliland, Puntland, and new emerging states of Somalia, Municipality of Mogadishu, and 15 local governments’ authorities across Somalia.

Port and Roads Infrastructure Upgrading in Bossaso

The aim of the project is to divert heavy traffic out of town and thus ease congestion in the central parts. It builds on UN-Habitat’s earlier urban planning activities in Bossaso. The project will contribute to achieving this goal through the construction of 8.1 km of new roads (the Eastern Bypass and its main and other connecting roads to the port), and analysis and preparation of the City of Bossaso Road Network Plan and Public Transport Assessment.

Project Duration: December 2012
Donors: Italian Cooperation
Value: EUR 2 million
Implementing: presently at the final stage of implementation.

Hargeisa Urban Water Supply Upgrading Project (HUWSUP)

This project replaces the existing water infrastructure and almost doubles the volume of water supply for Hargeisa, Somaliland, with special emphasis on unserved quarters of Hargeisa. This large-scale engineering and construction project represents the first part of the complete expansion and rehabilitation of Hargeisa’s water infrastructure and supply.

Through this project, the capacity of the Hargeisa Water Agency, which is managing the system, will be significantly increased. The project has already attracted additional funding for complementary activities (including No. 4 below) and is likely to grow to USD 30 million within the course of the next few months.

Project Duration: December 2012
Donors: EU
Value: EUR 15 million
Implementing: Presently at the stage of commencing the physical works

Improving Urban Water Service Delivery in Somaliland, Targeting Burao, Erigavo, Tag Wajaale, and Boroma Towns, Somaliland

Expected accomplishments in this joint programme with UNICEF include the following:

  1. Stakeholder consultations conducted, water user associations formed and enabled in the four target towns, and water service providers from Burao, Erigavo, Tag Wajaale, and Boroma enrolled as members in the Global Water Operators Partnership Association and participating its events and activities
  2. Key urban water utility agreements that incorporate local and global learning revised, renegotiated, or established, strengthening in particular pro-poor service delivery as well as operational and financial efficiency
  3. GIS and mapping products and strategic urban development plans prepared, contributing to the improved local capacity and reach of urban water supply systems in the four towns

Project Duration: May 2013
Donors: EU through UNICEF
Value USD: 306,000
Implementing: presently with most of the UN-Habitat planned outputs delivered

Design, Construction, and Connection of Hora Haadley Well Field and Transmission Facilities (via Geed Deeble) and Small Water Distribution System in Dar es Salaam Village, Somaliland, and Procurement of Pipes, Valves, and Fittings for 23-km Water Pipeline under HUWSUP

Somaliland Development Fund has allocated funds to co-finance the ongoing HUWSUP project. The project involves three new boreholes in Hora Haadley, borehole equipment, and the piped connection of the Hora Haadley boreholes to the Geed Deeble system.

The project will increase the amount of water available in Hargeisa by an additional 2 million litres per day, and also includes the construction of a small water distribution system (a 20 m³ tank and three water kiosks) at Dar el Salaam village near the Hora Haadley well field area.

Project Duration: August 2014
Donors: Somaliland Development Fund
Value USD: 7.6 million
Implementing: presently in the final stage of pipe delivery and commencement of construction works

Shelter Provision, Reintegration, and Improved Livelihoods for Returnees and Internally Displaced Persons in Three Towns in Somaliland

Project Duration: March 2013
Value USD: 3.2 million
Implementing: 475 houses

Integration of Long-term IDPs into the Host Community in Bossaso

Project Duration: March 2013
Value USD: 2 million
Implementing: 524 houses

Shelter Provision, Reintegration, and Improved Livelihoods for Returnees and IDPs in Four Towns in Somaliland

These three projects, implemented in 2014 and 2015, with a total value of USD 7.5 million funded by the Government of Japan, provide security of land tenure and permanent housing, social infrastructure, and skills training for 1,334 long-term and highly vulnerable IDP families in Bossaso, Hargeisa, Berbera, Burao, and Boroma towns.

This has been a continuation of support for the reintegration of IDPs into host communities in Somalia, through which 4,050 houses have also been built in the recent past. All IDP settlements have been well planned and fully integrated into the urban fabric at their respective locations, allowing IDPs access to jobs, livelihoods, and services.

Project Duration: March 2014
Value USD: 2.3 million
Implementing: 335 houses

Joint Programme on Local Governance and Decentralized Service Delivery, Phase Two

Under this five-agency UN joint programme, UN-Habitat’s role covers activities which fit perfectly into its mandate: urban planning, land governance and legislation, municipal finance (including GIS-based property taxation), solid waste management, capacity building of local governments, and activities related to physical infrastructure. The programme delivers in all regions of Somalia, including Somaliland, Puntland, and newly established states.

The budget for 2015 is USD 6.9 million, coming from six donors: Sida, Danida, DFID, EU, Norway, and SDC.

Project Duration: January 2014
Donors: funded by multiple donors
Value USD: average yearly budget USD 3.5 million (for five years)

Sustainable Employment Creation and Improved Livelihoods for Vulnerable Urban Communities in Mogadishu (SECIL)

,  funded by , , 

SECIL supported the design and implementation of activities geared to stimulate employment and livelihoods. The project targeted specific needs in the following strategic areas of the urban economy: economic infrastructure, solid waste management, construction, water and sanitation, renewable energy, and environmental protection.

Project Duration: October 2011
Donors: EU
Value: EUR 3.9 million
Implementing: completed and doing final reporting

Support to Construction of Teachers Training Institute in Hargeisa, Somaliland

This project provides technical support and on-the-job-training to the Ministry of Education for the design and construction of the Teachers Training Institute in Hargeisa, Somaliland. It will raise awareness within the Ministry of Education of the need to develop school construction standards and also support the ministry in the process of developing the standards in its initial stage.

Project Duration: July 2014
Donors: UNICEF
Value USD: 80,000
Implementing partners: presently in the stage of tendering for construction works

Job Creation through Market Rehabilitation in Mogadishu

The project is upgrading public market spaces in Mogadishu to create economic hubs that generate employment opportunities for all. It is promoting increased employment opportunities for the urban poor, women, youth, and persons with disabilities, and it will aim to develop an improved market business management model through the physical improvement of public market spaces and building the capacity of municipal authorities and market vendors as service providers.

Project Duration: January 2015
Donors: Sweden
Value USD: 650,000
Implementing: presently in progress

Federal Government of Somalia and United Nations Joint Programme on Youth Employment

In June, the Federal Government of Somalia and UN-Habitat, UNDP, FAO, and ILO signed a cooperation agreement to tackle youth unemployment and underemployment.

The programme contributes to Peace and State-building Goal 4 (Economic Foundations) and targets youth in all states of Somalia. UN-Habitat will focus on vocational skills training in the construction sector, as well as on establishing a One Stop Youth Resource Centre and two satellite centres that address the livelihood and psychosocial needs of Somali youth in a holistic manner.

The ‘one stop’ concept provides young men and women with safe spaces in urban settings where they can undergo specialized vocational training, access information and resources critical to creating livelihoods and employment, and in the process strengthen social development and cohesion.

Project Duration: June 2015
Donors: Sweden, Denmark, and Italy
Value USD: 1.4 million
Implementing: presently in progress

Job Creation through Public Market Rehabilitation in Mogadishu

This project is intended to support the upgrading of the Sinay public market, fully integrate it into the economy of Mogadishu, and generate employment opportunities for all. The project also aims to develop an improved market business management model through the physical improvement of public market spaces and building the capacity of municipal authorities and market vendors as service providers.

It builds on the completed project Sustainable Employment Creation and Improved Livelihoods for Vulnerable Urban Communities in Mogadishu (SECIL), which included public market upgrading and suggested scaling this up in the city. This project is part of a large national employment creation project which is currently undergoing the Peace and State-building Goal review process.

In support of that initiative, the Government of Sweden has also provided their support and financial contribution.Somalia

Project Duration: September 2015
Donors: Italy
Value USD: EUR 300,000
Implementing: presently in progress