Gizo Town Profile - Solomon Is
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Solomon Islands: Gizo Urban Profile

Urbanization has improved the standard of living of many people in the Solomon Islands as it often brings in greater wealth and economic opportunities for the national population. However, unless these opportunities are properly managed through balanced growth development policies, it can lead to an increase in socio-economic inequality, a rise in urban poverty and the growth of informal settlements poorly served with basic services.

In recognition of the need to better respond to these challenges, the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Survey has requested for UN-HABITAT support to undertake Urban Profiling in the Solomon Islands. The Urban Profiling embraces a set of actions taken to assess the standard of existing urban services in order to identity development needs, capacity issues and to agree on priorities at national and local levels through a participatory approach. It has been implemented in more than 20 countries in Africa, the Caribbean and three Pacific island countries under the Participatory Settlement Upgrading Programme (PSUP).