Situation Analysis of informal
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Situation Analysis of informal settlements in Kisumu

The Situation Analysis is a collaborative effort between the Municipal Council of Kisumu (MCK), Government of Kenya (GoK) and the United Nation Human Settlement Programme (UN-HABITAT). It aims at determining the state of the slums within Kisumu municipality in terms of the land issues, housing, infrastructure, social services and livelihood.

The Analysis is part of a slum development strategy, aimed at systematically upgrading slums in urban areas. The Government with partners has embarked on a Kenya Slum Upgrading Programme (KENSUP) with the objective of creating conditions that can sustain long-term nationwide slum upgrading in Kenya. The objective of the situation analysis is to present the state of slums in Kisumu, and the effectiveness of past and on-going upgrading initiatives. It will serve as a background for discussions and consensus building on the conditions of slums; the conditions governing slum upgrading and the actions needed to improve the conditions.