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SCP Source Book Series, Volume 7: Building an Environmental Management and Information System (EMIS)

This updated and extended second edition of the Environmental Management Information System (EMIS) Handbook with Toolkit describes the set-up of an EMIS as well as its role and purpose in urban management. It is targeted at decision makers and urban managers concerned with the Environmental Planning and Management (EPM) process and at others with a general interest in the EMIS concept. In this second edition, the participatory elements of EMIS have been strengthened through additional tools. Moreover, the content of both, the handbook and the toolkit, was updated and adapted to developments in information technology since its first publication in 2000.

Experiences from EMIS partner cities have been included resulting in a greater emphasis on the set-up and maintenance costs of the system as well as EMIS functionalities to support information outreach. The further reading and useful websites sections have also been reviewed, updated and extended. The 2008 edition is accompanied by a CD-ROM including background information, EMIS presentations, a map library and supporting software.