Pakokku is located in the western part of the central dry zone, on the west bank of the Ayeyawady River. 290,139 people live in Pakokku Township, just over 30 per cent of whom live in the town itself. Pakokku has a mostly flat topography, except for some low mountains in the western area of the township, and is characterized by a hot, dry climate. Vulnerability relating to water is the predominant challenge in the township. Areas by the river experience floods, while away from the river drought and access to water is a chronic problem. The study analyses current vulnerabilities, and by projecting changes in climate, anticipates further vulnerabilities in the future up to 2050. On this basis, it proposes scenarios that describe potential impact of climate change, and issues recommendations for adaptation to avoid the worst case future scenario. It also describes the expected outcomes and results, and prioritized activities that communities identified during the assessment.