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A framework to address universal access to safe and inclusive public spaces 2030 

General Information

Safer Cities is a multi-sector and multi-discipline programme approach based on the intersection of urban development and security. As a UN-Habitat programme approach, Safer Cities is a flagship for the agency in promoting social inclusive urbanisation by encouraging mixed-land use and people-centred design as part of a wider social notion on the co-production of safety for all.

It is rooted in a prevention policy frame: advocating safety as a public good and public space as the arena for the production of safety for all, in particular the most vulnerable, and the site for the construction of citizens’ values and rights.


  • Rapid urbanization is currently challenging governments in their role to foster safe and inclusive cities.
  • UN-Habitat’s Safer Cities approach brings together knowledge management, tools, training and capacity building as well as advocacy towards the realisation of safer cities and safe public spaces; in particular by addressing the needs of the most marginalised communities affected by crime and violence into the development of urban settlements.


  • Exchange and deepen the knowledge on UN-Habitat’s Safer-Cities programme approach in the past 20 years.
  • Better understanding of promising joint national and local government initiatives to promote safe public spaces, by discussing the current SDG 11 Target 7
  • Opportunity to bring together concerted global partnerships towards Safer Cities in the New Urban Agenda, through a Citizens-Centred Safer Cities 2.0 Campaign to the year 2030.

Description of the event

The event, is to take place during the Post 2015 development summit on Thursday 24th September 2015, will address successes and challenges to creating Safer Cities for All.

The side event, chaired by Deputy Executive Director of UN-Habitat and the Programme Director of UN-Habitat, will focus on a people-centred aspect of achieving safe public spaces by the year 2030 in cities, as well as on local level implementation of the Safer Cities Programme. 

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