In line with the Hayat Project for Local Development objectives, UN Habitat in partnership with ‘Minya Drinking Water and Sanitation Company’ MDWSC and through technical guidance of the Holding Company for Water and Waste Water aims to provide clean drinking water using low-cost, environmentally friendly technology.

Goal 1: Improving home access of vulnerable communities to potable water

Completed achievements to date include;

  • 7 Riverbank Filtration Units implemented and connected to the water network in Bani Amer and Kasr El Rakeeb (Edwa) providing access to clean potable water at home for more than 30,000 inhabitants.
  • 5 RBF units implemented in Al Saidaa, serving more than 75,000 inhabitants in Maghagha.
  • 3 RBF units replicated with the funds of the Menya water company to serve more than 45,000 inhabitants in vulnerable villages in maghagha.

In total, water interventions Provided water access to more than 150,000 inhabitants in total in Edwa and Maghagha cities, locations highlighted in the figure 1 (the production of one unit is 30 L/S, individual use in villages is estimated to be less than 150 L/D.

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