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Review of UN-Habitat's Participation in the Delivering as One UN Initiative

The review covers the opportunities and challenges of UN-Habitat's participation in the Delivering as One (DaO) United Nations Initiative, and makes recommendations for a more rational, coherent and effective participation. UN-Habitat is currently active in six pilot DaO countries: Cape Verde, Mozambique, Pakistan, Rwanda, Tanzania and Vietnam.

The review was requested by the UN General Assembly, for consideration by Member States, and conducted by two independent consultants during the period from March to June 2011. A key finding of the review is that effective participation of UN-Habitat in joint programming has the potential to enhance its visibility and sharpen its comparative image.

It also finds that establishment of National Urbanisation Committees or National Urban Forums with membership drawn from the Government, civil society groups and the private sector will be important to position the urban agenda at country level, and that UN-Habitat Headquarters should streamline its structure and working modality to enable it to "deliver as one".