Report on gender equity assessment of nairobis public minibus transport services
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Report on Gender Equity Assessment of Nairobi's Public Minibus Transport Services

Public transportation is a necessary service for accessing economic, educational and social opportunities. Yet public transportation around the world has been found to be unequivocally less safe for women than for men.

Historically, the public transportation industry in many African cities has been overwhelmingly male-dominated, but as more women seek employment, they are venturing into transportation jobs. Unfortunately, women entering the industry are faced with myriad challenges associated with their gender and representation which remains particularly low.

Strengthening women’s role within the transport industry will create safer public spaces and better mobility for everyone. Flone Initiative seeks to promote gender equity and professionalism in public transport while leveraging on existing partnerships to strengthen policies aimed at ensuring safe spaces for women and girls and increased economic participation by women on an equal footing with their male counterparts in the industry.