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Regional Spatial Planning Strategy of Darfur

The protracted conflict Darfur since 2003 has caused massive displacements of people to or around the main urban centres, causing a complex, rapid, unplanned and uncontrolled urbanisation process and resulting in severe environmental degradation and social stress.

The Regional Spatial Planning Strategy of Darfur (RSPSD) is a functional methodology designed to facilitate a smooth transition from humanitarian relief to early recovery, reconstruction and economic development. The RSPSD aims to maximise the benefits of infrastructural investment, identifying priorities against a background of scarce resources and capacities, in an effort to bring about a more balanced spatial development, ultimately contributing to peace, stabilisation and economic growth. The Strategy advocates for the establishment of a network of urban settlements that can efficiently integrate a broad range of socioeconomic, basic services and infrastructure dimensions. This will benefit the population of Darfur as a whole, while at the same time laying the foundations of its future development.