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Regional and thematic meetings for the preparatory process of Habitat III

A number of official regional and thematic high level meetings involving a wide range of participants will debate priorities for the New Urban Agenda and policy recommendations in the form of a final participants’ declaration. The final declaration from regional and thematic meetings will be considered official inputs to the Habitat III process.

Thematic and regional meetings have both an international scope, although the regional meetings may identify and address the topics based on regional considerations and prioritize regional and geographical participation. In this regard it is assumed that a regional meeting will gather recommendations reflecting the consensus reached at the regional level on a specific topic or on the entire spectrum of a proposed New Urban Agenda.

The thematic meetings which are based on specific and relevant topics will issue thematic recommendations. As a result of a call for proposals, UN Member States, local governments and other institutions expressed their interest in hosting a regional and/or a thematic/regional meeting for the preparatory process towards Habitat III.

Regional and thematic meetings were selected based on the quality of the proposal, relevance on the topics as well as envisaged participation and commitment to the Habitat III process.

Calendar of Events
Thematic Meetings
Civic Engagement Tel-Aviv, Israel 7-8 September 2015

Metropolitan Areas Montreal, Canada 6-7 October 2015

Urban Renewal Cuenca, Ecuador 9-11 November 2015

Smart Cities Barcelona, Spain 17-19 November 2015 (tbc)

Financing the New Urban Agenda Mexico DF, Mexico December 2015 (tbc)

Renewal Energy (tbc) Abu Dhabi, UAE 18 January 2016

Slums Johannesburg, South Africa February-March 2016 (tbc)

Regional Meetings
Asia-Pacific Jakarta, Indonesia 20-21 October 2015

Africa Nigeria January – March 2016 (tbc)

Latin America and the Caribbean Mexico DF, Mexico February 2016 (tbc)

Europe Prague, Czech Republic 16-18 March 2016
Guidelines for Regional and Thematic Meetings for Organizers

Guidelines for Regional and Thematic Meetings for Organizers

Guidelines for Regional and Thematic Meetings for Organizers 1.64 MB 628 downloads
Expression of Interest

Call for Expression of Interest for hosting a Habitat III Thematic and Regional meeting was closed on 15 February 2015. Member States, local organizations and other institutions wishing to know more details please refer to the below document or communicate to

download Download Call for Expression of Interest