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Rapid Urban Diagnostic Report

The purpose of Rapid Urban Diagnostic Report Myanmar is to give a brief and concise snapshot of the fundamental conditions of the urban sector in Myanmar as observed at the end of 2015.

Informed by UN-Habitat’s generic guidelines, the Report addresses the following topics:

  1. Urbanization drivers, trends, and projections, based on recent population data gathered through the 2014 census;
  2. The existing system of cities, including consideration of national economic development policies, the impact of special economic zones, and broader regional plans the (particularly the GMS sub-region transport corridors);
  3. An overview of urban legislation, including the draft of the Urban and Regional Planning Law;
  4. Urban regulations including plotting, public space, and building codes;
  5. Urban planning, implementation, and enforcement, including the process of urban expansion in Yangon, Mandalay, and secondary cities; and
  6. Infrastructure and basic services (existing conditions and provision).