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Rapid Planning Studio – Concept Note

Cities and municipalities in rapid urbaning countries do not have the capacities to plan in advance and at scale for the expected population growth failing to make available serviced land. The result is often that urban growth happens in the form of slums and informal settlements.

The Rapid Planning Studio (RPS) is a workshop integrating the three basic pillars—urban legislation, urban finance and economy, and urban planning and design—of sustainable urban development simulating a full planning process in a rapid, three-day format for municipal staff. It harnesses the knowledge, talents and energies of all parties to identify a process towards sustainable urban development.

Based on UN-Habitat principles for sustainable urban development, it discusses city-wide urban analysis and profiling, strategic planning, urban transformation and public spaces, focusing specifically on answering the challenges of participating municipalities regarding planned city extensions. It aims at strengthening planning capacity of the participating municipalities for sustainable urban development and providing a clear planning methodology and an actionable roadmap to supply serviced land for rapid urban growth.