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Quick Guide to Bus Sector Modernisation

This guide is intended for governments that want to take more responsibility over the public transport services being operated in their cities: in particular, cities where the bus systems are currently informal and unregulated. The pillars of public transport regulation and business planning in this guide are based on the authors’ experience with bus and BRT systems across both the developed and developing world. The guide provides the building blocks for governments to create a competitive market in which multiple modern bus companies provide high-quality public transport service.

This brief summary of best practices includes details drawn from the BRT Planning Guide 2017, especially Volume 4, Business Plan. For users interested in additional information on how to establish an administrative body to manage public transport, see the BRT Planning Guide, Chapter 12, Institutional Planning. Detailed information on public transport operating contracts is available in the Chapter 13, Business Structure. Details on how best to transition from informal operators to modern operating companies are included in Chapter 16, Informal Transit Transition to BRT. Information on how best to subsidise and finance urban public transport is available in Chapter 17, Funding and Financing.