The Guidelines for Managing Asbestos at the Bakalian Disposal Site has been prepared by IBI Group, under the direction of UN Habitat, Arcenciel, and the Rubble to Mountains initiative, to guide the investigation, remediation, and management of potential asbestos-contaminated debris stockpiled from the recent Port of Beirut explosion at the Bakalian Disposal Site. These guidelines are based on Canadian, British, and international best practices and tailored to Lebanese conditions. Asbestos contamination is a
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Quarry Rehabilitation – Asbestos Management Technical Input

Under the guidance of UN-Habitat Lebanon, and as part of the emergency response to the massive explosion at the Port of Beirut on August 4, 2020, IBI Group was commissioned to provide technical oversight and testing services for the Rubble to Mountains initiative, a project aimed at reusing construction and demolition waste (CDW) in environmentally sustainable urban-restoration developments. In line with the goals of this project, and since there are currently no hazardous waste landfills in Lebanon, a quarry site in North Lebanon was carefully selected for use as a disposal site. The rehabilitated quarry will receive both hazardous materials and treated and crushed CDW. The purpose of this document is twofold: to ensure that proper environmental and health safeguards are put in place during quarry rehabilitation to protect both the workers and the environment, and to provide guidance for the management and handling of asbestos-containing waste received by the quarry.