The project's objective is “to implement the voluntary and sustainable resettlement of the community of Roça Sundy, for improving their living conditions with full respect for human rights and through a participatory approach, applying special care to minimising the environmental and ecological impact during project implementation and focusing on enhancing the sustainable livelihood of community members.”

Following a participatory design process, a plan for the new neighbourhood and four housing typologies –for each household to choose among them– were developed and approved by the project partners, using as green as possible construction techniques.

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Related Sustainable Development Goals

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Donors and partners

In 2011, Roça Sundy, with its beaches, forest and old farm buildings, was given in concession by the Regional Government of Príncipe to the private company Here Be Dragons (HBD). The latter is the biggest investor in the island, specialising in responsible tourism. As part of their investment to transform Roça Sundy into a hotel and a resort, HBD –for which many community members work for– agreed with the community to improve their housing conditions and, together with the Regional Government, requested UN-Habitat to lead a project with that aim, establishing a perfect set up for a Public-Private-People's Partnership. 


Government of the Autonomous Region of Príncipe
Community Committee Terra Prometida (CCTP)

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Claudio Torres
UN-Habitat ROAF, São Tomé and Príncipe Country Office