Over time, human mobility has been enhanced since the inception of air travel. With the shift in human settlement patterns, rapid urbanization has become a point of major concern for most human societies. Air travel has significantly improved travel between cities as a fast and efficient mode of travel. With the growth of cities, the relation between airports and cities has led to a shift in land use between city cores and airports; due to the emergence of development corridors connecting the two activity areas. The partnership between ICAO and UN-Habitat seeks to bring a wide array of international experience and best practices that will create synergies, towards promoting sustainable development of cities and airports; through the development of tools (guidelines) and capacity development activities.

Aviation and urbanisation experts in the
project countries have contributed to a report on synergizing urbanisation and aviation
experts engaged in a stakeholder sensitization on aviation and urbanisation
Stakeholders from aviation and metropolitan planning authorities agreed on a roadmap to fastrack the project aspirations, that will lead to the development of guidelines on city-airport development

Related Sustainable Development Goals

Related Sustainable Development Goals

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Donors and partners

UN-Habitat has engaged various stakeholders in getting background information relevant to the project area, information sharing, validation of facts and figures on project relevant data, resource mobilisation and capacity building. Key partners from aviation and metropolitan planning stakeholders have been key in implementation of programme activities and information sharing and dissemination.

Our Experts

John Omwamba
Regional and Metropolitan Planning Unit