Unbalanced urbanization, internal migration to main Egyptian cities, and multiple socio-economic drivers resulted in a high percentage of informally developed areas across the Egyptian cities. At the same time, lack of continued urban maintenance and management resulted in many inner-city areas lacking access to improved urban basic services and quality of living. Currently, around 35% of the Egyptian urban areas are considered unplanned.

This project provides a more pragmatic and inclusive model for the inclusion of informal and deteriorated urban areas within comprehensive urban development strategies and to support innovative financial and legislative frameworks. The new model uses potential areas in the cities to cross finance deteriorated areas within innovative blended finance and phase-able development mechanisms to enable city leaders in their efforts towards sustainable urban development and leaving no one behind.

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The project works with National counterparts and in close participation with city representatives to ensure the new upgrading model is effective to meet national as well as local sustainable objectives. The project also extends partnership to funding institutions (starting with ISDB) and the private sector to facilitate blended financial models for implementation. It also extended partnership to 12 Arab cities to advocate for the new model and maximize the results to the regional scale.

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Salma Yousry
Programme officer
Regional Office for Arab States I Egypt Office