Basic information

Funding amount: US$ 1,500,000

Donor: Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation


Duration: 2018-2021 Location: Mina and Beddawi, Tripoli 
Status: Closed Number of beneficiaries: 95,560 direct | 253,000 indirect

The Greater City of Tripoli, defined by the municipalities of Tripoli, Mina and Beddawi, has the highest recorded poverty rates in Lebanon. This is mostly due to the city having the largest percentage of internally displaced people and tens of thousands of Palestinian and Syrian refugees. Child labor and school dropout rates in the city are alarming, with Tripoli recording the highest concentration of unemployed youth in Lebanon. Despite numerous initiatives and funds invested, adequate access to social and basic services are lacking in the most vulnerable neighbourhoods of the city. 


In an attempt to address these challenges in Tripoli, UN-Habitat through funding from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) launched an initiative to enhance the resilience of host and refugee communities settled in Tripoli’s metropolitan area – municipalities of Tripoli, Beddawi and Mina. The project aims to implement eleven infrastructure and public space projects spanning from the rehabilitation of football fields and the development of the first inclusive and fully accessible public space in North Lebanon, to the installation of solar and LED lighting networks on a major highway and within neighbourhoods while providing training for local actors on the use of neighbourhood profiles.