Funding amount: US$ 500,000 Donor: Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Lebanon
Duration: October 2022 – February 2025 Location: Zahle, Bekaa
Status: Active

Number of beneficiaries: 

Water pumping station 50,000 direct and indirect

Tal Chiha Hospital: 2,300 direct, 11,500 indirect

In the context of Lebanon’s collapsed energy sector, the availability and status of social and basic services, including the safety in public spaces are at a tipping point. The supply of water, the operations of health facilities and other critical services are also at the brink of collapse. This project will meet needs under the revised Emergency Response Plan for Lebanon 2021-2022, particularly under the WaSH and health sectors and facilitate access to reliable and renewable energy for public facilities and public lighting. By doing so, this will in turn enhance access and supply for vulnerable communities residing in the vicinity of the areas of intervention, to social and health services and contribute to enhanced safety and security conditions.

The energy crisis has caused a significant negative impact on the Lebanese economy in general and on the operations of public institutions and facilities. In fact, the crisis has hindered their ability to fully operate due the shortage of power provided through private generators linked to the high prices of diesel.

This project aims to enhance the overall wellbeing, safety, health and security conditions of host and refugee populations living in Zahle, Bekaa. This will be achieved through improved operations of public facilities and enhanced safety conditions of targeted communities by providing reliable and renewable energy supply to facilities and public spaces.

The public facilities Tal Chiha Hospital and the Bekaa Water Establishment in Zahle are selected for the renewable energy alternative solutions were identified in consultation with the Municipality of Zahle based on their expressed urgent needs and reduced effectiveness in light of the collapsed energy sector and protracted crisis in Lebanon.

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