This project will strengthen accountability systems in Latin American cities and support monitoring of government policies for achieving the SDGs, in particular the Goal 11. It provides opportunities for the establishment of mechanisms for dialogue between local governments and civil society in monitoring and overseeing the implementation of the SDGs at the local level. The project is demand-driven and addresses the measurement of public policies that aim at the achievement of Goal 11, covering issues ranging from housing, slum upgrading to public space, urban mobility and air quality amongst other relevant themes.

Related Sustainable Development Goals

Related Sustainable Development Goals

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Donors and partners

UN-Habitat serves as the overall coordinator and provides the basis and guidelines for the project activities. The partners are the focal point of communication between UN-Habitat and the different stakeholders of the city (civil society, academia, public and private sector), and together, we implement the initiatives

Our Experts

Claudio Acioly Jr.
Head Capacity Development Unit