Cities are under pressure to keep pace with rapid urbanization, poverty and inequality, and climate change, among other global challenges. Evidence demonstrates that urban planning and design is not keeping pace with such developments. The Fundamentals of Urbanization, a developed training companion with modules focused on planned city extension, housing, urban mobility, slum upgrading and climate change, seeks to address these urbanization challenges by building human resources and institutional capacities of city leaders and local and regional governments. It promotes the principles of planned urbanization in the areas of rules and regulations, urban planning and design, and urban finance. UN-Habitat implements the training companion in various capacity building workshops globally, supporting the implementation of the New Urban Agenda and Sustainable Development Goal 11.

city leaders, and senior staff of metropolitan and national governments and university partners participated in the Fundamentals of Urbanization workshop
universities participated in the Fundamentals of Urbanization workshop

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Related Sustainable Development Goals

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The Fundamentals of Urbanization project mobilized the expertise, case studies, experiences and training and learning techniques suitable for the project objectives, which were incorporated in the training compendium. The data analysis, policy propositions and framework were developed in cooperation with New York University.

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Chief, Data and Statistics Unit
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