inhabitants that the city plans to host by 2037
5 Principles
supporting sustainable neighbourhoods from promoting high-density urban growth to promoting diversity & social equal to encouraging walkability& provide a variety of lot sizes

Related Sustainable Development Goals

Related Sustainable Development Goals

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Donors and partners

Key partners crucial to implementation of the project are the Ministry of Housing and Urban Communities (MoHUC), the New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA), the General Organization for Physical Planning (GOPP), the Ministry of Local Development (MoLD). Internal partners are the communities themselves and their respective local authorities, landowners (private and public), the private sector and small-scale developers as well as local businesses. UN-Habitat has provided knowledge services as well as made recommendations to higher-level policies based on lessons learnt from previous international similar cases & best practices.

Our Experts

Bassem Fahmy
Strategic Planning & urban development unit, Egypt Office