(Hanoi) On 13 May 2014, the Policy Dialogue "Right to Adequate Housing: Roles of Communities in Housing Process" was organised by UN-Habitat, Associations of Cities of Vietnam (ACVN), Asian Coalition for Housing Rights (ACHR) in cooperation with committees of the National Assembly of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Cities Alliance (CA). Many participants from National Assembly, Central Steering Committee for Housing and Real Estate Market from Ministry of Construction, national and international experts from different organisations, institutes, associations as well as representatives from local communities.Policy Dialogue on Right to Adequate Housing Roles of Urban Communities in the Housing Process

Mr. Tran Dinh Long, Vice Chairman of National Assembly Committee on Law opened the Policy Dialogue "Right to adequate housing is basic human right that the Constitution recognized and legal system is updating to guarantee that right. When Vietnam joined international treaty, it included the content about right to adequate housing. It also showed the commitment of Vietnam State and Government. The State has regulation about policies, land, finance, credit and housing process connects closely with regulation completion process".

Mr. Long said that the Policy Dialogue was taken place in a very special moment of time when the Constitution 2013 has just taken effective which continues to confirm the right to have legal house for citizens. The National Assembly is revising, and supplementing laws in order to detail the Constitution. In the 7th meeting session coming, the National Assembly will provide comments on Law on housing.

The policy dialogue focused on how to enable communities, especially urban poor and vulnerable groups including women, youth, migrants and disadvantaged people, in the housing process within the mechanism of the market-oriented economy. It was also be a platform to discuss the meaning of the right to adequate housing; (roles of communities in the housing process and in realising the right to adequate housing; the legislative, institutional and financial obstacles of enabling communities in the housing process; and recommendations to overcome the obstacles hindering proactive participation of communities.\

Policy Dialogue on Right to Adequate Housing Roles of Urban Communities in the Housing Process2Dr. Nguyen Quang, Habitat Programme Manager spoke: "We need to clarify Right to adequate housing so that everyone understand their roles in housing process, especially roles of the State and community. Right to adequate housing does not acquires the State to build all houses for its citizens but the State needs the create enabling conditions and legal frameworks and suitable solutions so everyone can participate actively with the State to develop housing sector".

"Communities play vital role in housing process. They can work together to offer many creative solutions. Housing development with participation of community is sustainable approach because they can mobilise resource to develop, upgrade and maintain. With the support from national and international organisations, I believe community are key factors in housing process", Mrs. Vu Thi Vinh, General Secretary from ACVS said.The outcomes and collected opinions during this policy dialogue will be consolidated and delivered to the National Assembly and other relevant government agencies as well as all participants and the public.